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Grand Illinois Tail Bicycle Ride Key Equipment


Day Ten

Day 10: Lansing to Joliet


I got on the road late -about nine. Realizing this would be a short day, I had no sense of urgency. Coming out of the Days Inn, I was a little disoriented to the trail and turned into the first stretch of woods I could find. Unfortunately it was a horse trail instead of a bike trail and I truly put the mountain bike through its paces. After a while, I was able to get back on the right path and on my way back home.

One long ride on the Old Plank Road Trail, and a six mile ride through the East side of Joliet to Rockdale, and the ride is complete.

When I do these kinds of adventures, the euphoria of mission accomplished is mixed with melancholy in the realization that I probably won’t ever do a trip like this again. Throughout this last year, I would get excited recounting the adventure to people, and knew that it should be published in some form so here it is!

I would really like to do this ride again, or do another one like it. The camping element is key. It changes it from "just a bike ride" to a:


 “pseudo machine assisted but
non-petrol based physical-fitness
 cross country survival adventure.”

Remember, watch for cyclists.


End Day 10: Lansing to Joliet - End of the ride.
Route: GIT Clockwise
Total Miles 45.7
Total Time 5:47:05
Average Speed 7.9
Maximum Speed 23.1

pssst: Coming soon, He went and did it again, but this time he went counter-clockwise! Check back in a month or two to read about GITride "II" It should be worth it: I broke my shoulder in the process! 


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