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Grand Illinois Tail Bicycle Ride Key Equipment


Day Eight

Capron to Elgin

Good early start to the day. I popped another spoke towards the end of the day yesterday, and when I took off this morning I did another! Bike still rides, however it is not comfortable.

The weather has also turned much colder. Iíve been riding the whole trip with a t-shirt and a thick cotton collared shirt, my long pants, and of course my sandals. From time to time I would throw on the fleece pullover. Today, I spend nearly the entire day in it. Itís getting cold!


That's Wisconsin corn there, Maynard. The sign is also featured on the GITride t-shirt.



After the debacle with the closed bike store in Savanna, I am reluctant to go out of my way to find a bike shop. Iíve traveled about 50 miles today and what is in the middle of the trail?

I mean, If I did not bend with the trail, I would have run smack into this bike shop in Crystal Lake. At first, I ride by, thinking ďIíve got this licked, why not just finish?Ē Then I come to my senses and after about 300 feet, I turn the bike around and went in. They overcharged, under delivered, lacked professional knowledge, and were rude; but I got the bike fixed and was still under budget. With the bike repaired, I rode hard.

Riding a bike without the rear wheel drag was amazing, I was getting at least 50% increase in average speed. The bike just glided over hills.

Oh. My. God. How did I put up with that for over half of this trip?

I put about 10-15 miles behind me to find this perfect lake side camp. The area had been impacted by fishermen, but by the overgrowth, had not been used for at least a month. I am certain it is the best campsite of the trip. Tomorrow I am going to punch through downtown Chicago, and figure I have about 120 miles left.

Can I finish this in one day with the new wheel?

END DAY 8: Capron to Elgin
Route: GIT Clockwise
Stayed At: a nice little side path off the trail outside Elgin IL
Total Miles 65.3
Total Time 8:29:43
Average Speed 7.7
Maximum Speed 29.5



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