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The Dutch have more bikes than people. Don’t know if they have more bikes than say, the Chinese, but it sure seems that way. I remember riding my motorcycle out of Germany and into the Netherlands and noticing that they actually have bike trails that follow the highways. Now that is commitment to functional bike riding.

Their trails help them get from one place to another, ours (in the US) are much more recreational. –put your bike on a rack, drive it to the trailhead, ride around, reload the bike on the car, and go home. It would not be uncommon in the Netherlands to see a couple peddling to their destination with luggage packs all over their bikes.

"Simple," I thought. "A good life." Anyway, it was the inspiration for me to set up my bike as I saw these riders. Maybe there is some part of the USA where this is commonplace, but for me, it was Netherlands. Since their government and people have placed a high priority on bicycle accessibility, it is fitting that they get inspirational credit, don’t you think?


I am convinced that Led Zepplin came up with their name in Netherlands. I could picture Robert Plant and his buddies stumbling out of a “coffee shop” and willfully mispronouncing Amsterdam's “Leidseplein.”  I'd like to meet Mr. Plant and have him tell me with a straight face, that’s *not* how they did it.


Anyway, planning.   Lets break it down into four categories:

Meal Planning
Night Location & Season


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