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Grand Illinois Tail Bicycle Ride Key Equipment


The Challenge

Do  you get bored with things pretty quickly? Need to make a game inside of the game? Have you ever played “free cell” on the computer?

It is a backward form of solitaire that has four “free spaces” or “cells” that let you temporarily place cards in a holding area while you stack the cards on top of the board in four neatly ordered piles. The computer will make moves for you if those moves have no bearing upon decisions you make. With the circumstances right, you might have only three or four cards on the top four stacks when the computer will finish the game.

Make it a sub-game to see if you can have the fewest cards “stacked” when the computer takes over.  The game has some logic, some skill, and a lot of luck. The idea that you could have no (or few) cards in their piles when the computer takes over depends on a large part, if the key cards are buried in the right place.

It adds a dimension to the game even if the logic is somewhat predisposed.

I took somewhat of a similar eye to the Grand Illinois Trail bike trip. It needed some new dimensions to be set around it. -things that would make it unique and more of a challenge, so I made up some "rules." This will not only explain some of the planning, but also some of the decisions made along the way.


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