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Grand Illinois Tail Bicycle Ride Key Equipment


The Ride

Taking the most direct route with out any mistakes, wrong turns, etc. The route is alleged to be around 514 miles. Itís difficult not to stray off the route at least a few times. I rode 585 miles and took ten days to finish.

Because this section of the website has many pictures, I needed to split the days up separately so that you wouldn't be waiting days for the page to load.

To go to the next day, click the continue icon    at the bottom of each page.

Day 1: Joliet to Ottawa - the bike...

Day 2: Ottawa to Sheffield

Day 3: Sheffield to Colona

Day 4: Colona to Savanna - Sleeping...

Day 5: Savanna to Schlapville

Day 6: Schlapville to Ridott

Day 7: Ridott to Capron

Day 8: Capron to Elgin

Day 9: Elgin  to Lansing - Morning Routine...

Day 10: Lansing to Joliet









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