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An informational website
for cyclists on
The Grand Illinois Trail

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The GITride plan was to produce less of a bio, and more of an information exchange website for the benefit of Grand Illinois Trail ThruBikers.* The result is a narrative with good practical information. If you follow the "continue icons," you'll spend about 45 minutes reading. It's a story of a regular guy; in fair physical shape, riding a bicycle over a 600 mile trail in Illinois in one contiguous journey, with only the pack on his bike.... Read more

If you press this continue icon  at the bottom of each page,
you will go to the next item in the story. This website's content was
written with an order in mind.  Menu items roughly signify chapters.

*ThruBikers - Synonym: Like Appalachian trailís thruhikers, a thrubiker completes a multi day bicycle trail in one continuous trip.


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